Thursday, December 31, 2009

Misty Love

Twinkling eyes and ruffled hair,

A smile so sweet and a walk with flair
The heart throb of every soul
A new way of life you unfurl.

Charming everyone you meet
You know just the right thing to say
Living life is such a treat
Dearly missed when you are away

A love so deep that none can feel
Sweet moments that feel surreal
Stay on until the night is day
The bond is true in every way

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The First Dance

Flashing lights and blaring music,

Tapping feet and smoky air

The first step, the first dance

Everything fell into a trance.

Words unspoken, their eyes met

With a fixed gaze, the lady he led

Hand in hand swaying to the beat

Every step, turning up the heat.

Her heart skipped a beat

With every swirl and twirl

He could smell her hair

And she his sweet cologne…

A short moment but a magical one

The first dance, so special and true.


The crisp air with a slight chill,

Ushers in the season of Fall

The time before the approaching Winter

Harvesting Nature's rustic bounty.

The fading green, turning crimson red

Sun-kissed leaves form a soft bed

Treading along the strewn path,

Dotted with bare trees on either side.

The babbling brook gurgles on,

Churning the leaves of the past.

An end to a year of blooming beauty,

Until that time the sun stays long.

When I sat down to write a Poem

When I sat down to write a poem,

I was at a loss for words.

Wondering and wondering what to write

Fiction, facts, feelings or prose?

When I sat down to write a poem,

Thoughts in my head began to churn

Then words began to flow as I penned,

Something new as it soon unfurled.

So here it is, another of my works,

Of the time I sat down to write a poem

Its past midnight and I got out of bed,

To put down the thoughts swimming in my head!!


To expect or not is an impending thought,

That dwells deep in the realms of the heart.

The measure of which is an improbable task,

Is it more or less, is the question to ask.

Expectations arise from feelings within

They can’t be judged as they remain hidden.

Until such time they are expressed,

The mind is in a whirl, and the heart is stressed.

Spoken or implied they mean the same.

Give and take is the name of the game.

It hurts for some when they aren’t met,

To not expect is your best bet!

First Love

First love is true love,

Made in the heavens up above

Sweet nothings and bear hugs,

Give the heart strings a tug

Talking into the long hours of the night,

Make everything seem so alright

Secret and unplanned getaways

Time flies in a flash…lovely days

Stolen glances, meaningful whispers

Life is a bed of roses!

Memories so sweet and joyous

Remain etched in the heart forever.